DEROL Products



Flat Products
- Hot rolled steel coil and sheet
- Steels for pressure vessels and boilers
- Steel for shipbuilding
- Cold rolled and other steel

Long Products
- Square-, round-bars, angels and flange columns

Pipes and fittings
- Hot rolled seamless and boiler steel pipe
- Seamless and welded fittings

Stainless Steel
- Stainless steel flat products
- Stainless steel long products
- Stainless steel tubes and fittings
- Stainless steel fasteners

Special Alloys
- Aluminium sheets and coils
- Aluminium bars
- Aluminium profiles and tubes


Dielectric Products
- Dielectric crepe papers
- Dielectric kraft papers
- Polypropylene film for mixed dielectric capacitors

Transformer Products
- Common transformer bushing
- Porcelain bushing for capacitor transformers
- Porcelain bushing for current transformators
- SF6 gas insulation instrument transformer porcelain sheels